Mixed Reactions of New Lunch Schedule

Katy Nguyen, Copy Editor

This 2016-2017 school year, the lunch schedule has been changed. Assistant Principal Lee Jones said the administrative team sat down together during the summer and came up with the idea of having freshmen separated from everyone else. They changed the lunch schedule because freshmen and sophomores would go off campus when they weren’t supposed to, he said.

“We talked about the positives, the negatives and by the end of it, the positives outweighed the negatives,” Jones said.

Now, freshmen have first lunch while sophomores, juniors, and seniors have second lunch. Freshmen were separated from everyone else so that the administrators know that no one should be outside or off campus, Jones said.

“It has alleviated a lot of off campus issues that we had before,” he said.

Freshman Jada Lewis doesn’t think that the lunch schedule is horrible, but she’s not a big fan of it.

Whereas freshman Israel Alvarado seems to like the lunch schedule.

“I like the idea of being separated from everyone else because it prevents fights and more space,” Alvarado said.

Since sophomores are with juniors and seniors, some sophomores have been going off campus as well, so the new lunch schedule hasn’t been working the way the administrators thought it would, he said.

Students seem to have mixed feelings about the lunch schedule. Junior Mary Igbokwe says she doesn’t like the new lunch schedule.

“They need to consider the fact that some of the places we go to takes long because there are so many people,” she said.

Senior Jon’athon Loredo says he enjoys the new lunch schedule.

“I don’t have to see freshmen,” he said.