A Validated Campus

Bowie AVID gets validated as a teaching and learning campus


Students of the AVID program.

Marian Patterson, Staff Writer

The AVID program was recently named an AVID National Demonstration School. Bowie is one of 30 schools in Texas, and of 150 schools in the United States. AVID was put through the rigorous validation process to achieve validation and is now a teaching-learning campus for other schools looking to implement AVID. This is the first time Bowie has gotten this honor.

“To be AVID validated meaning for the entire school, we’re saying that our school in total is an at-risk school we are majority low economically disadvantaged. And it is suggested that with our demographics a lot of our students are at risk and potentially would not be going to college.”  AVID teacher Brittany Dowell said. “But we’re saying that if we are an AVID validation school that our students are going to college. All of them. Not just the ones in AVID.”

The AVID program pulls at-risk students, students who are first in their family to go to college, students with low income to pay for college, and helps them learn the skills they need to go to college and earn scholarships.

“We have trained our staff to use and implement AVID strategies. We have a GO Center which is specifically so you can go there to find out how to do college applications and how to get scholarships. Just all the college promotion,” Dowell said.