Future Doctors in the Making


Mrs. Dorsey teaches the Biomedical program here at Bowie High School.

Hayden Gnat, Staff Writer and Website Editor


Flashing lights and yells fill the air. Pandemonium is the feeling that constantly clogs the atmosphere. These are but a few emotions that Biomedical students look forward to in their future. The rush of excitement and helping people fight for their lives is something that comes with the job, and that is something that excites them. 130 students joined the Biomedical program to get one step closer to their dreams of becoming a doctor or nurse.

In the program, there are 4 levels that you can complete, which you can stop at any level that you so choose. Each level provides a different kind of reward. If you pass the end of the year test given after each course, you have the opportunity to not only receive college credit, but also scholarships. The Biomedical program will also give you experience with college-minded topics, but not the tuition costs.

“Classes focus on skills that can help you be successful in pre-med classes,” Biomedical teacher Bethany Dorsey said. “They give you good hand on experience, you wouldn’t experience until college.”

If the students complete at least three years of the four-year program the students will receive full certification for full completion of the program. The program has been available three years at Bowie. You are able to start the program whenever you decide it is best for you. Many people have different reasons for joining the program, but the most common is to receive some prep before college so they have a good understanding of what the medical field is all about.
“I joined because I felt like this would help me in college,” Sophomore Krishma Birla said. “It would look good to colleges because it shows me to be a well-motivated student. I hope to have a better understanding of biology and college than I did before. That way when I get to college I am ahead and not falling behind.”