Cross Country Boys Make Regionals


Simone Williams, Editor-in-chief


Seven of the top varsity cross country boys traveled to Lubbock to compete in the 2015 Regional meet. About 30 teams competed against each other. Since August 5th the team has ran in the span of 10 weeks which is approximately 50 miles total per week.

Senior, Jaron ran the best time running a 15:15, and two sophomores, Devin Rodriguez with a time of 16:11 and Isahia Patterson running a 16:43.

“We prepared by running a lot of base, we try to keep our team to about 50-60 miles a week, while me and Jaron maintain close to 100 miles a week. So, I guess before the meet we wanted to get their speed worked out also so we had to get on the track and repeat 200s and things of that nature so we could get their footwork down because we are gonna have to go out at a faster pace at this meet. The team has to be prepared to go out at a five flat mile and be able to run negative splits or at least keep that pace the whole time for each mile”, senior Jared Hamilton, said.

There were a few obstacles that the boys had to overcome but in the end they were successful.

“I fell down and I had to run 3 miles without my shoe, so I have a huge blister on my foot, but other than that I guess I could have pushed myself a little harder but I’m still happy with the way I performed because even though it might not go our way we always perform at our best and It’s usually going to work out in the end”, senior Jared Hamilton, said.