The Road to Victory

Marian Patterson, Staff writer and website editor

On the evening of October 23, the football game against Arlington was on fire. The crowds went into an uproar. They were cheering, their eyes fixed on one person, Senior running back DeAndre Cook.

That night the whole football team knew they had that game in the bag. They knew DeAndre wouldn’t let them down. They would just focus on taking it one play at a time and not giving up. They would give their all no matter what. DeAndre was no different, who added a 21 yard reception, he knew had to push himself and that energy brought up the whole team.

“I knew we were going to win before the game started. These players have bought into the brick wall brotherhood which is something we talked about before this season started. It isn’t about anyone else it about our team and it’s about each other. We play for each other and we play one snap at a time.” Varsity Football coach Danny DeArman said. “We don’t worry about the score board. The players don’t get concerned about being behind they don’t let that bother them, they don’t pressure themselves because it’s not about the end result it’s about taking care of one play at a time. At no point did we ever feel like we weren’t going to win that game.”

Everyone knew how great this game would be. The team had gotten so much encouragement from their friends, family and the coaches. They were pumped and ready to go. This excitement and belief lead them to win the game 42-41, with the help of DeAndre adding 10 catches and accounting for 64 of 78 yards.

“My dad encouraged me the most. I talk to him before every game before we start, and he encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing on the field and try my best.” Running back DeAndre Cook said.

“I try every way that I can to motivate them. Through text message, through phone calls, through meetings, through hanging things in the locker room, to uniforms. You name it, I’ve tried it.” coach DeArman said. “I mean some has been successful and some hasn’t.”

The team tried their hardest at every play, but none more so than DeAndre. The team had come to look up to him. DeAndre having 1,368 yards the year before and 14 touchdowns. They follow his example and strive for empowerment and greatness.

“He is extremely quiet but he plays with a lot of emotion and when he plays football he’s so effective. He runs a football with a lot power and when he’s running a football most of time he is running over people and when he does the emotion of the game rises.” Coach DeArman said. “He leads by example. You’re not going to get a lot of screaming and yelling you’re going to get action and that’s what they depend on. He gives everything he has on every single play.”
These things are what any good team strives for, and this is why the football team, lead by DeAndre Cook, gained this victory. This is why the Bowie Volunteers are going to the playoffs, Which even though the boys lost 12-42 at the odessa game, they’re spirits are not crushed.