A ‘Pinky Swear’ That Started it all


Students in student council get together to participate in the Pinky Swear triathlon. The event is a nonprofit organization to raise money for kids who have cancer. I got a new perspective on the younger generation. Nowadays, all of the younger kids are all about iPads, iPhones and all that technology stuff and not really about actually doing something productive and playing outside. “When I was at the triathlon however, it was nice knowing that the kids are doing something productive, especially for someone else who can’t.” Senior Brittanyy Tran said.

Shelby Bilodeau, Editor-in-Chief



On Sunday, students from Bowie and families around the community participated in a triathlon at UTA for kids who have cancer. The triathlon was held by The Pinky Swear Foundation on September 20 to help raise money for children with cancer and their families who are financially unstable. Kids ages six through 15 were able to compete in this event and participate for the children who couldn’t physically do it.

“I wanted to volunteer because my aunt had cancer so I basically did it in her honor of her. It’s the little things that count on how you can give back” senior Radwa Johar said.

Kids running around competing in different events. Parents cheering for their child as they compete. Different organization from Bowie participated in the event by helping volunteer at the triathlon enjoying the positive atmosphere with all of the laughter and smiles.

“It made me feel more fortunate and happy inside to know that there’s good people out there” senior Gabby Paday said.

With a good turn out the event was able to raise a lot of money.

“It made me appreciate life more and motivated me to keep fighting on because those kids as little as they were, didn’t give up at all.” Johar said.

The Pinky Swear Foundation started when Mitch Chepokas had been diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of nine. Overhearing a family next to him about not having enough money for Christmas, Mitch asked his dad to take him to the bank to get all the money out of his savings account. Mitch and his dad divided the money and put it into envelopes for the kids on the pediatric oncology floor at the hospital. After delivering it to kids Mitch had so much fun that he was inspired to do it again next year. Since Mitch’s condition was really bad he wouldn’t be able to do it again for the next year so Mitch and his dad made a promise that Steve, Mitch’s dad, would continue to help the kids with cancer.

“Dad, promise me you will keep helping kids with cancer! Pinky swear with me that you will do it forever!” nine year old Mitch said to his father.


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