Shattered Dreams


Senior Yemima Ntumba-buana and sophomore Atlantis Russel in a dramatization.

Victoria Bui, Staffer

Shattered dreams, a campaign for drinking a driving and was played for the whole school on Friday, May 15, 2015 to make aware to the students of what can happen and that it is not the right thing to do. With all of the amazing things happening these next couple weeks like prom and graduation they wanted to have their D.A.S.H ( drug, alcohol, safety & health) shown and be known to inform people to be safe.


This video was made to inform teenagers that this is a serious manner. It is really a serious when a lot of teens have been in car accidents this year. “ What motivated us was to impact the school, we did shattered dreams here at bowie in 2005 and we wanted to bring it back because more teens are drinking and driving and getting into accidents. Student Council wanted to wait until prom season because of the “party season”, Jasmine Davis said.


Our Student Council Sponsor Mr. Alcorn also had a say in this, “It wasn’t the teachers, it was the students. It is an alcohol awareness. They asked other schools what they did for the awareness of alcohol to see what types of things they did for it as well. It’s been planned for one and a half years. Our Student Council representative from last school year handed it down to finish the campaign this year.”


This was a good thing to bring back from the past because of all the easy things that can happen with a blink of an eye just because of bad choices. Drinking and driving is not taken seriously with this generation. “Bowie had a lot of students that have passed away recently because of drunk driving. I think that it will impact the school because a lot of teens drink”, Jasmine Davis said.


Its just not our school, its the whole world and no one pays attention to it. “In the US 32% is from drunk driving each year and we need to remind people what can can happen when you do not be careful.” Jasmine Davis said.


This video had a play played out as a party was going on and everyone was drinking and drove home. Three of our students : Monalisa Walker, Alyssa McDonald and Brittany Tran were killed instantly that night in the crash of a drunk driver. I asked them how they felt about being considered someone killed from a drunk driver and this is what they answered, “I would feel guilty; sad. It was emotional because if someone you loved got in a drunk driving accident I would cry and be devastated”, Brittany tran said.


Monalisa Walker added, “I think it’s very sad because i didn’t get to graduate and didn’t get to live my life because someone was drinking and killed me. Also angry because people shouldn’t be drinking and driving. Poor choices that are made…”


It is hard and a devastating thing to lose someone they loved or was close to. This is not a thing to just blow off as most teenages would because they think they can handle it. “At first I didn’t really think dying in a drinking and driving accident would have that much of an impact on people, but after the video people told me how it affected them and it really touched me”, Alyssa McDonald said.