Bowie Souljah’s National Stepping Championship


Simone Williams

The Bowie Souljahs with their 1st place Nationals trophy.

Simone Williams and Kassidy French

The Bowie Souljah’s are back-to-back National Champs. They’ve won 10 state Championships and have two National titles. Saturday, April 18, the Bowie Souljah’s traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida to compete in the 2015 National Stepping Competition. The step team prepared for the competition for about 9 days. 8 other teams from Georgia, Florida, New York, Missouri, California, South Carolina, and Tennessee competed.

Even though the Bowie Souljah’s took home the victory, Mr. Caldwell was not expecting the win. However, they still worked very hard and it all paid off in the end.

“No, I didn’t expect them to win, because the practices were not up to par, we didn’t prepare nearly as much as we did last year for nationals, I felt like the kids had gotten really relaxed in the fact that they were the state champions and that they already had a national title… I was very surprised when they won”, Caldwell said.

The Bowie Souljah’s performed four routines and four transitions. Even though the Bowie Souljah’s won Nationals, there are still a few things that Mr. Caldwell believes they could have done differently.

“We need to arrive at the competition sooner”, Caldwell said.

The step teams’ instructor talked about how the other teams watched them so intently during their performances.

“Watching the other teams watch us. That was my favorite part, that everybody was concerned with the Bowie Souljah’s”, Caldwell said.

Although the step team performed amazing, that doesn’t mean that they slack off.

“No matter how good you have been, you still have to continue following the same principles and guidelines in order to have continued success”, Caldwell said.

Taurin Wenze-Lewis is the team captain and Amondre Meankins is Supreme commander.

“The captains are very focused, they’ve been taught to be very deliberate, so whatever it is they’re doing, they’re doing it deliberately. They’re true competitors”, Caldwell said.

The Bowie Souljah’s aren’t just a step team, but they are like family as well. “For the most part, they get along, there are a couple of clicks but they for the most part operate like brothers”, Caldwell said.