Eyes on the road, not your phone


Victoria Bui

Texting and Driving sign in East Parking Lot.

Victoria Bui, Staffer

Texting and driving is a no-go, but has been around for as many years and is probably never going to go away. The distracted driving struggle is getting out of hand and needs to be fixed before too many people get hurt or killed. Can you really multi-task or is it just a mask?

People think they need to text back or be on social media to be connected to the outside world while driving, but it can wait until you get to your designated location. Most places people drive to are roughly 10 minutes away. Even if you’re driving a long distance, you can always pull over to check your phone.

If they knew that the person they’re texting was driving, they would not want to have that guilt that it was their fault that they got in a crash and people got hurt or even killed them. That feeling would end up always be flowing in their minds and feeling like its their fault like “Why did I even text them?”

This is a big deal and no one sees it this way. Most people always think they can “multi-task” but they can’t. They probably also think it’s cool around their friends but most of the time it’s just being flatout careless. To make this go away to decrease the amount of crashes and deaths in the U.S., they should make it more than just a ticket. maybe even jail even though its not that serious but if it needs to be dealt like that to make it calm down then they should take action.

In Denton, Texas, a little girl who was only 5 years old was killed in a car crash on Christmas Eve because the driver was on his cellphone. She was in the car with 3 family members who were injured. No one would want to lose a loved one just because someone was being careless and wanted to use their phone.

A lot of people, especially teenagers, make excuses for texting and driving. They blame their parents for texting them about where they are and when they’re coming home. That’s when pulling over or having one of your passengers respond becomes an option.

People know that texting and driving is dangerous and terrible things can happen. So many dangers that come with the small situation that is completely avoidable. It’s just a matter of putting the knowledge into action in the situation.