Resolution Reboot Apps

Resolution Reboot Apps

-Getting in Shape

“Lose It!” is one of the best apps to use if one of your New Years Resolutions is losing weight. It tracks your daily calorie intake as well as how many calories you burn while you’re dying. I mean working out. You can customize it to track your weight before, during, and after your journey to a bangin’ bod you can even set daily goals for yourself to make sure you get there.

Another must have if you’re trying to achieve maximum hotness in 2015 is “Gain Fitness.” It allows you to build your own personalized workout based on your availability and the equipment you have at your disposal, aka “no excuses not to be the hottest thing trying to get sand out of those unimaginable places during the warmer months”.

-Spend Smarter

If saving money is on your to-do list for 2015, you should check out “Gas Buddy.” Gas Buddy is a super convenient app if you have a car that requires gasoline. Gas Buddy constantly tracks and can give you directions to virtually any gas station in your area, and what kind of gas they have to offer (diesel, unleaded etc.). You can even earn points if you report a cheap gas price Gas Buddy hasn’t updated yet (the points enter you in a contest that rewards hundreds of dollars in free gas and other valuable prizes).

Another great money-saving app is for America’s favorite pass time; shopping. “Shop Savvy” is great for when you’re out shopping and you see something you absolutely love, but want to see if you can get cheaper somewhere else. Shop Savvy allows you to scan the barcode of that item and will let you know if you can get it cheaper online.

-Getting Organized

Getting organized is a New Years Resolution that isn’t the easiest to maintain, so to help out you should get the “Evernote” app. It’s basically an online file cabinet, calendar, to-do list, chart maker, notebook, document saver, and reminder book all in one. You can sync it up to virtually any device to check and/or update your life at anytime using your own personalized account.

If you’re not a super hot mess, always forgetting things or showing up to Thursday’s formal dinner party on Tuesday and just need something simple to keep yourself on track, “Sticky” is perfect for you! It’s just a super cute, simple and colorful online pack of endless sticky notes to help out with those little reminders that you can keep or dispose of at anytime.

-Save Money

Another app is Good Budget: expense and budget helps you keep up with how much money you spend “Good Budget” is a very good app if you’re the type of person who likes to waste money too often. It helps you keep up with the amount of money you’ve wasted so far and how much you should waste on each particular necessity first  you have to put your income like how much you get a week every two weeks or a month. then the good budget app will calculate how much you can’t spend on everything and how much you can save or if you’re wasting over your budget what i like about it is that you can save money and get everything settled and not be stressed about how much money you have left or not . The bad thing is that you can’t directly scan receipts in you have to type it all in . Overall this is great app and i would recommend it to anyone.

-Stick to a schedule

Timeful: This app will help you set reminders and create times for you to do important things. It will send you a notification when its time to do an activity. You can put small reminders or a big goal of yours. Once you enter your activity and say when you might have time to do it, and you can say how long you would like to do it. It will help you prioritize your activities.