No Guns Allowed

Victoria Bui, Staffer

Schools and guns do not go together. The argument for schools to let teachers carry guns has been brought up again from the 2009 conversation. If teachers had the chance to be armed with guns, not only to defend themselves and others, would it stop the violence and also stop other injuries and assaults without hurting the innocent ?

Teachers having the right to hold a gun on them in school will not strengthen the schools security. If anyone should carry guns in the school it should be the officers who watch the campus. They should be the ones to carry firearms because they’re purpose of being here is to protect the school. The teachers’ job is to teach.

At most schools, the security guards are not allowed to carry a gun, but they should have that right. High schools bring in security guards to protect students and faculty/staff in case of dangerous situations. For example, if someone that didn’t belong in the school was armed, they would enforce a lock down to find the intruder. Also if there was a fight or even if a student was a threat to all the other students, the guards could have options. Security guards have a purpose to be here and most people do not realize it. Teachers do not go through the training that  security guards must go through where they are trained to learn how to manage their anger and how they deal with stressful situations. They are trained on how to carry a gun properly, what to do with the gun, what situations to pull out a gun and even know how to calm the the situation down. Teachers that carry a gun license lack training on using a gun in a school setting.

Utah state law says that teachers do not have to inform the schools administrator of the existence of their weapons, “If an employee has a concealed-carry permit, they can carry,” Christopher Williams, a Davis School District spokesman, told a local paper. Parents also do not have the right to ask the teacher if she/he was armed with a gun because that would violate the intent and the strategic advantage of the ‘concealed’ weapon. This policy is not that of a intelligent one. Why wouldn’t parents have the right to know that their own children are in the classroom with a teacher who is carrying a weapon. They are putting children at risk

Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, a teacher who taught 6th grade at Westbrook Elementary in the Granite School District in Utah, had an incident of accidentally shooting herself in the leg while in the restroom by herself before school hours. Thankfully nobody was harmed during this incident.

Teachers should not be able to carry guns because of accidents. It does not keep the students safe nor is it even safe for the teachers. What if the teacher pulled it out to put it away or to put it down, it malfunctioned and accidentally went off? Is that really safe? Wouldn’t it be safer for trained security guards to carry a gun?