Dress Code


Adeija Montalvo, News Reporter

No crop tops, no belly buttons, no big rips in jeans are allowed at Bowie High School. The new dress code at Bowie has been the most controversial topic going around. The new enforcement on it has left some unhappy teachers and students. Some people disagree with the strict enforcement while others agree with it.

Interim Principal Lee Jones said his biggest focus is keeping kids in the classroom, and getting recognized as a campus not for the negatives but for the positives, Bowie has changed so much from last school year to this one.

“Last year was about getting kids back into the building after Covid, this year we want them in the classroom, and with that we have to be stricter,” Jones said.

The no crop tops and big ripped jeans have affected a lot of people when it comes to buying clothes for school.

“Most shirts at stores are almost all crop tops so it’s really hard when it comes to buying clothes,” sophomore Callie Curtis said.

It’s been a struggle for many students to find school appropriate clothing when shopping.

”Every clothing store has almost all tank tops or big rips in jeans., this has caused a lot of problems for school shopping,” sophomore Alexis Lewis said.

Bowie wants the best out of every student, and will give their best efforts to help achieve everybody’s goals.

“ We are trying to set you guys up for the future as best as we can,” Dean of Instruction Natasha Fowler said.

With the new dress code more kids are starting to be in the classroom just like they hoped.

”We will get back to being fun and loving on ya’ll but right now we have to focus on the main thing, and the main thing is instruction,” Jones said.